The Sculpture Park | Edition 212.2018 - 11.2019for Saath Sath Arts
For the second time The Sculpture Park at Madhavendra Palace in Nahargarh fort turns an 18th-Century fortress into a Sculpture Gallery with works displayed throughout the meandering rooms and grand courtyards.
River of Stones | Richard Long
Shibboleth (Field) | Achia Anzi
Shibboleth II | Achia Anzi
Makom (Place) | Achia Anzi
Retenue d'eau(Retained Water) | Michel Francois
Domestic | Michel Francois
Spine of Spines | Savia Mahajan
Aliens | Sebastiano Mauri
Transformation | Mahbubur Rahman
Imperfected | Michael Joo
Five Mirrors of the World, 2018 | Chryasanne Stathacos
Transience | Mark Prime
Interference | Mark Prime
Hybrid Drawings, 2018 | Ayesha Singh
The One Hundred Petal Lotus | Vikram Goyal

Mehek | Manisha Parekh

Chorus | Reena Saini Kallat
Hybrid Drawings II, 2018 | Ayesha Singh

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