Choke Point: Tamil Nadu | 02.2017for Circle of Blue & the Wilson Centre
Multiple stories investigating the link between scarcity and increasing demand for resources, focusing on water and energy issues all over Tamil Nadu.​​​​​​​
Water Scarcity Causes Cauvery Delta Anguish. Worst drought in 140 years leads to farmer deaths, water riots, policy impasse.
Dr. R. Bharathiselvan is a 59-year-old cardiologist who practices in Mannargudi, a farming city of nearly 70,000 residents. He says the drought has led sharp increases in the number of death from suicides and heart attacks. “It’s the stress of not being able to harvest a crop,”
In areas Prone to Drought, Water Packagers Rush In. Millions of residents rely on the immense bottled & transported water sector.
A Torrent of Water and Concrete Imperil Chennai’s IT Boom, the IT corridor, built upon wetlands suffers water shortages and flooding.

S. Gopikrishna Warrier, senior environmental journalist and activist

Nityanand Jayaraman, one of Tamil Nadu’s most respected journalists and activists, broke the story about mercury contamination in Tamil Nadu and helped lead the long struggle to compensate Unilever workers and their families

Site of the Unilever plant that caused the mercury poisoning in Kodaikanal

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